About SAE Game Store

SAEGS was founded with the belief that we would always honor our commitment to our clients, our partners, our knowledge and our creativity.

The framework of our business and fabric of our culture are rooted in this belief — it’s what enables us to continuously go One Step Further a classic catchphrase that’s served us well. 

Our group was born out of lived experiences between trading ingame items and receiving them.  Having experienced the customer and seller side, we saw first-hand how it failed to provide the safety, service and quality we all deserve. 

Unlike traditional “Resellers” of ingame items, SAEGS doesn’t confine itself to either product making or delivery; we do both, all under-one-roof. Our team of digital experts work collaboratively with our delivery department to develop the smoothest transaction out there. We see this as advertising for the new age


About Me

In my opinion, gaming is one of my greatest interests. My keen interest in all types of games stems from the fact that each one has its own distinct appeal


About Me

My personality is energetic and I love to laugh. The images I draw have their own unique energy and give me strength


About Me

My biggest passion is to connect with people while not being the most social butterfly in real life. Seeing someone happy is my biggest motivator.

Our Goal Is Clients’ Satisfaction


Our team of digital specialists can locate rare items in any specific game, ensuring that we deliver both fast and secure

02.   VALUE

Transparency in service and affordability are your guarantees.


Whether you need us by phone, online or in person, we’re here for you.